🆕 Changelog

Here you can find info about new version releases.

Version 2.4 06/01/2023

  • Fixed some issues with paypal and e-payouts payments
  • Add multi lang support for locale_name (locale_name_{it,en,es,…}) and improve item autogenerated description
  • Fix for additional link in main menu and footer
  • Remove m2ps.info because it was too often offline and didn’t allow players to vote and receive their prize
  • Fix item details view in the item shop
  • Improve the logic to buy stones for an item
  • Improve fake data multiplier, adding a specific multiplier for each stat

Version 2.3 10/11/2022

  • The default theme is now responsive
  • Fixed a bug which didn’t allow to display correctly some special characters in item names
  • Navigation bar in the default theme now will shrink when scrolling down
  • Fixed a bug with the fake data multiplier
  • Fixed players list in user page

Version 2.2 25/10/2022

  • Allow the registration of multiple accounts with the same email address (you can enable or disable this function from the admin panel)
  • Fix guild level which was not shown in the guild ranking page
  • Updated admin panel layout
  • Use PHP traits for some common functionalities, such as alert messages
  • Small bug fixes and translation improvement

Version 2.1 20/10/2022

  • Add change email for users
  • Add server total gold and online players in the log section
  • Reorganized folder structure
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes didn’t allow to find a player in the ban page
  • Added language selector
  • Added cashin insert date in the admin panel
  • Users cannot submit the same cashin/vocuher code more than one time
  • Improved translation system to automatically generate language files with DeepL

Version 2.0 05/09/2021

You can upgrade to this new version if you had purchased Lonvel 1.x. See the pricing page for more info.

This version was a major rewrite of the website. A lot of code has been rewritten to support the new frontend and while doing so some improvements where made.

Here there are some of the most important features that I recall that where introduced in this new version. There was a lot of work involved and it took a lot of time to write the new version of the CMS.

  • New default frontend theme
  • Single Page Application built with InertiaJs
  • Completely rewritten frontend with Vue 3 and Tailwind 3
  • Instant page navigation without reload
  • Rewritte from scratch the rank pages with a new caching system
  • Translations have been rebuilt from scratch adding new strings and removing the old ones.
  • Hot reload when changing language in the website (no page reload, instant change)
  • Some small bug fixes

Version 1.9 30/06/2021

This will be the last updade for version 1.x. Will follow only bugfixes and security updates.

  • Fixed Stripe payment method
  • Fixed some email notifications
  • Laravel upgraded to version 9.x + updated all the dependencies
  • Some changes under the hood to support Laravel 9.x
  • Rewritten the bonus info part in the itemshop
  • Faster website
  • User email in user CP is partially hidden
  • Character delete code will not be shown in user CP and can be automatically requested and received via email
  • Vote 4 coins (only supports metin2pserver.{net/info})
  • PHP 8.x support (doesn’t work anymore on PHP 7)
  • Fixed earnings graph (dates where a bit messed up sometimes)
  • Added “this month earnings” in admin panel
  • Rewritten some code related to item bonuses
  • Fixed ranking generation with MariaDB

Version 1.8 02/07/2021

  • Fixed PayPal payments

Version 1.7 06/04/2021

Small bug fixes after the latest release.

Version 1.6 04/04/2021

Major CMS update.

  • Player and guild ranking is now cached. It is possible to look for a player or a guild in the ranking page.
  • Re-writte payment part of the website (both admin view both player view). You can now set a different amount of coins for each payment method. This allows much more customization.
  • Changed internal WYSIWYG editor for news and pages
  • Changed the default theme look
  • A lot of internal changes of which I probably forgot

Version 1.4 28/02/2021

Minor CMS update.

  • Trade log page has been moved in general log page. You can look up for trade through filters.
  • Now you can upload missing icons for items from the “Import item info” page.

Version 1.3 24/02/2021

Minor CMS update.

  • If you enabled email confirmation, users after registration will be able to ask again for their confirmation email if they didn’t receive it.
  • Totally redesigned item shop theme.

Version 1.2 13/02/2021

This is a minor release to add a bunch of new cool features and some small improvements.

  • Fixed a bug where registration emails were sent even if you disabled them
  • The caching system for statistics has been fully rewritten
  • Now there is a page where you can see where users who register came from
  • Now you can enable/disable languages in settings
  • Gift coins have been added! Some gift coins are given to users when they spend coins. You can define a conversion percentage and a minimum spending. You can add additional items which can be bought with gift coins.

Version 1.1 10/02/2021

This version contains some improvements and some new features.

  • Added a page to distribute coins only to some specific accounts
  • Earnings page is now available
  • Now it’s possible to add links to the menu. Pages now needs to be manually added to the menu if you want them in it.
  • This changelog page has been added so you can track my work :)
  • It is possible now to show in your home page the staff list with their status
  • Defence/attack values are now shown in the item shop in the item info
  • Now you can sort items and categories positions in the item shop