💵 Pricing

Standard Plan: 150 EUR

The price for new customers is 150 EUR to get the license of the website.

This plan is recommended for users that want a managed service. I will take care of setting up the website for you, keeping it updated, manage updates of the CMS, configure CloudFlare, and so on…

The first setup is free. Any additional installation (for example when you move your server from an host to another and you need to change IP address and database info to connect the website to your server) costs 25 EUR.

You will have access to the hosting panel so you can host anything you want on my hosting (except illegal material or nulled softwares). You can for example host the forum of your server or host the autopatcher files. The webhosting includes 1TB of monthly traffic, 5GB of SSD space, unlimited mysql databases, unlimited subdomains. If you need more space/bandwidth or other expansions you are free to ask.

You will have limited access to the website code. You will have access to the template files of the website so that you can change its style and theme as you want. You are completely free to edit the design of the website by yourself. Templates use Blade template engine. You will have access to resources files (images, icons, etc…). You will not have access to the source code of the website.

⚠️ The hosting has 5GB of disk space and 1TB of monthly bandwidth and it costs 30 EUR/year. It must be paid when you buy the CMS.

I will manage DDOS attacks for you. I use cloudflare to filter traffic. DDOS attacks which require me more effort to mitigate will involve a charge of a minumum of 15 EUR. If CloudFlare + my firewall are not enough, I will propose you other solutions (using another paid firewall) or if there is anything I can do (never happened so far) your website will be nullrouted until the attack stops. This is the worst scenario ever. I know that you might not like this solution, but it’s better that you know in advance that it can happen.

Free updates until the next major version are included. You can buy updates for the next major version for 75 EUR.

Premium Plan: 350 EUR

You can get the complete source code of the website. Please remember that you are not allowed to resell it and that the source code is sold as it is.

Free updates until the next major version are included. For major updates, the price is 150 EUR.

This price only includes the source code and a free setup. You are free to record the installation process of the website. I will install the website for you if required on a shared hosting.

If you want me to install the website on a FreeBSD/Linux server without a control panel, there is an additional price of 50 EUR.

The price included the free basic support. Please read the support page for more info.

The price DOES NOT include any personalization/customization of the website. The website is sold as it is.

You will get also three months of free hosting. The same pricing of the Standard Plan for the hosting applies.


  • You can request any customization you want for an additional price. The price has to be discussed. Generally, I charge an hourly rate of 25 EUR. It might change according to your request.
  • I am not a graphic designer. I can’t create new designs from scratch but I can adapt existing designs to your website. You can choose between existing HTML themes (for example from ThemeForest) or you can give me PSD themes. The starting price for adapting themes to my CMS is 200 EUR. Adapting existing HTML templates is cheaper than coding PSD themes. These prices might seem high to you but they are due to the fact that I need to recreate any single page of the website from scratch (and there are 30+) and it takes me a lot of hours.